the eye is a lonely hunter

Starting from the eye, or rather from the gaze, the act of looking, the view is – for humans or animals – the vehicle of consciousness and guarantee of survival.
The eye is, in the same way as for a savage animal, full of instinct and the vocation of the eye is to look without premeditation.
What the eye is hunting are images in the same way as a predator is chasing his prey: identifying his subject in the heap, focusing, following and killing or immortalizing by shooting.
The practice of hunting is an integral part of collective and individal memory, becoming an
ineradicable archetype. The innate stimulus to observe, to select and arrest is photography.
In a private dimension this body of work is facing the memory of my family, imbedded across filters of childhood-tokens, the „savage“ era, comparable to animals in which the instinct prevails to the detraiment of distinction between good and evil.
In the attick I found photographs of the 1930s of my family, farmers and hunters. They were combined with my childhood recollections of beeing in the woods with my grandfather in Southern Germany, instructing respect for nature, romanticism,  fascination for animals, natural history and the innocent moments before I was asking about second world war.
Prints in flattened layers play up with objects of concrete multi-layered photographic installations.
Stratification of history, deja-vues, memories, research in natural history museums and actual pictures and found naturale objects mixed in small boxes, like shrines, become small theatres releasing photography from its bidimensional character, changing perspective in different angles and points of views, making the eye a lonely hunter.

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