Nothing but a footnote. Eastern Germany.

There will be no more GDR. There will be nothing
but a footnote in world history.


Stefan Heym, 1990

After the Fall of the Berlin Wall Eastern Germany experienced a faster development, or rather an assimilation, to western standard than any other country of the former Eastern Bloc. With the riunification the state GDR has disappeared from the atlases, but not from socialcultural geography. The structure of social realism with its values, customs and traditions in the beginning was destined to disappear. 17 million inhabitans had to feel like living in the wrong part of Germany, often in retrospection their country seemed a developing nation or appeared in a nostalgic manner. But it is still there, it has to be, important for understanding german history and identity.
In riunified Germany after 20 years with all congruence and overlapping you still can feel and see the differences: something resisted to antisocial iconoclasm in urban landscape, way of living etc. Travelling in various regions and cities in Eastern Germany i tried to find traces and trails admixed to the actual status quo, collective and individual memories integrated in the new old german citiescapes, landscapes and minds.
The work is divided in two parts: the colorpictures display actual reality, while the black and white lowfi analog photographs refer to pseudo-deja-vues of my childhood experience and the nostalgic idea of conserving fading memories. 

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