According to ancient legend, fourteen days of good weather occurred every year around December 22. This time of clear skies and calm seas was thought to be the result of a magical bird's concern for her nest. The legend explained that the female kingfisher built a floating nest on the sea during this period. She calmed the waves and winds to keep her nest safe. Borrowing from the greek name for kingfisher halkyn, we call any quiet, peaceful period halcyon days.

In a cut and paste society with information overload and digitally altered perception of the real, untied from photography's parallel time and space based origins, collage is representative for image culture but also transcending. It reminds again of texture and tactility, reality but also its possible reassembling, experiencing information simultaneously. 3 d collages of nature and body parts, tiny dioramas, simulacra that bend restless and isolated fragments of multiple proveniences to a fragile but also tranquil whole, melting together into a flux of new roots.